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Magic Tome's Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Magic Tome's Add-on

More than 15 new magic books for Minecraft, which give special abilities to players for a certain time. If you like to use magic in the game, then use Magic Tome's mod. The books are called toms. Each of them will help you simplify your survival in the cubic universe.

Book Characteristics
Type - mode of use (self - on yourself, AoE - by area)
Duration - time of action
Cooldown - ability's recharge time

Tome of Speed
Magic Tome's Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Tome of Leaping

Tome of Saturation

Tome of Regeneration

Tome of Absorption

Tome of haste

Tome of strength

Tome of Emerald
The villagers love this book

Tome of Midas

Tome of fire
Set your enemies on fire

Tome of Ghost
Gives invisibility for 6 seconds and strength for a few seconds

Tome of Ender
Teleports randomly

Tome of Poison
Lets you poison your enemies

Tome of Lightning Strike
Unleashes lightning bolts at enemies

Tome of Darkness
Applies desiccation and slowing

Books that cannot be crafted can be found in the following structures.




Destroyed Portal

End City

Heart Volume
The Power of the Crystal Heart

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