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Kiyoshi's Artifacts Add-on 1.17+

Kiyoshi's Artifacts Add-on

Kiyoshi's Artifacts mod adds useful survival items to Minecraft. You'll be able to use them when fighting monsters or even players. The author has also included food, which quickly restores the hunger bar and heals the player. Each item is balanced: they have a cooldown. The stronger the item, the longer it takes to reload.

Remember that weapons can damage both your pets and friendly players.

How do I get items?
Most artifacts will spawn in structure chests. Some are obtained by trading or crafting. Sometimes even fishing can bring valuable items.

In creative mode, everything is easier: go to inventory or enter the command /give @s kna:< item name >.

Ethernal Steak: restores at least 8 hunger and has a 15 second cooldown.

Healing Potion: heals 4 hearts (cooldown: 25 seconds)

Clay Bricks: gives 10 bricks (cooldown: 25 seconds)
Experience Foliage: Gives 8 levels (cooldown: 100 seconds)
Golem Summoner: summons an iron golem (cooldown: 125 seconds)
Ball of Ghast: shoots a fireball (cooldown: 28 seconds)
Jump boots: imposes jump increase 3 (not boots) (cooldown: 25 seconds)
Speed boots: imposes speed 3 (not boots) (cooldown: 25 seconds)
Acceleration spell: accelerates for a few seconds (cooldown: 35 seconds)
Dynamite: calls for an exploding block of TNT (cooldown: 45 seconds)
Bomb Blast: stuns enemies within 10 blocks (cooldown: 50 seconds)
Teleportation Pearl: shoots the Ender Pearl (cooldown: 20 seconds)
Steal Life: when dealing damage to enemies the player is healed (cooldown: none)
Explosive Crystal: Gives resistance and spells Ender crystals at enemies (cooldown: 100 seconds)
Midnight Berries: night vision, speed, and invisibility for 30 seconds (cooldown: 155 seconds)
Sunken Shards: Shoots trident and casts underwater breath and night vision (cooldown: 70 seconds)
Quiver: rains arrows (cooldown: 32 seconds)
Blinding Ink: Dazzles enemies (cooldown: 70 seconds)
Dragon Ring: Fires a dragon orb and grants resistance and strength (cooldown: 250 seconds)
Lightning Bolt: Summons lightning bolts at enemies (cooldown: 75 seconds)
Flamethrower: Can set a 7x7 area on fire (cooldown: 40 seconds)
Amethyst crystal: transfers enemies ahead of the player and blows them up (cooldown: 80 seconds)
Golden Soup: gives 8 extra hearts (cooldown: 65 seconds)
Shulker Stone: lifts enemies up (cooldown: 80 seconds)
Cold snow: spawns 3 snow golems (cooldown: 80 seconds)
Chorus amulet: randomly teleports all mobs within a 20 block radius (cooldown: 45 seconds)
Wither Star: shoots a ball of the Wither and puts desiccation on enemies (cooldown: 130 seconds)
Magnet: Attracts items (cooldown: 25 seconds)
Water cannon: sets enemies on fire (weird) (cooldown: 12 seconds)
Call of the bushes: fills a 5 by 5 block area with tall grass and gives invisibility (cooldown: 100 seconds)
Falling feather: Slow fall for a few seconds (cooldown: 60 seconds)
Gravity: Levitation (cooldown: 48 seconds)
Coral Guardian: Summons enhanced axolotls to destroy enemies (cooldown: 25 seconds)
Winter Disk: turns enemies to ice (cooldown: 100 seconds)
Bomb: Requires two items to use. You place the bomb first, then explode it at the desired moment with the second item (cooldown: 25 seconds)

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