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Block Protection Add-on 1.18

Block Protection Add-on

Every one of us has at least once faced or heard of a griffer. Many players suffer from those who want to dishonestly obtain resources obtained by another player. Fortunately, we always have ways to combat them. One of these will be the Block Protection mod for Minecraft Bedrock. Once installed, players will not be able to destroy blocks installed by other users.

Everything works quite simply. Immediately after entering the world, players will not be able to touch each other's blocks. True, there are limitations. For example, players will still be able to break TNTs, chests, and other blocks where things can be stored. The exception will be the block of the Ender chest. That is why it is recommended to store all items there.
Block Protection Add-on 1.18

Also, you won't be able to blow up the blocks you put up yourself.

There are also commands. To use them you need to become an admin. To do this, you need to spell the command /tag @s add op.

!bp remove - removes protection for your blocks (works without admin)
!bp removeall - removes protection for all blocks in the game
!bp history - shows protected blocks (works without admin)

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