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Minecraft Battlegrounds - Gun Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Minecraft Battlegrounds - Gun Add-on

Battle Royale was once the most popular game, but it's being played less and less frequently. But the author of the Minecraft Battlegrounds - Gun mod is not going to forget his best moments in his favorite games. So he decided to recreate the battle royale on the expanse of Minecraft.


The Barn
One entrance and one exit
Minimal defense
Contains a chest of ammo, weapons or armor
Minecraft Battlegrounds - Gun Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Tool Shed
Pretty big for 4 players
One entrance and one exit
Gives time to reload weapons
Contains Ammo, Weapon, or Armor Chest

Small rectangle
Large room with two doors
Not a bad place for an ambush.
Contains chest with medicine chest

Large rectangle
Perfect building for hiding
Large windows give a wide view
Contains 3 chests with miscellaneous items

Green Grocery
Poor defense, since everything is open
Staying here would be a mistake
There is a supply of medicines and grenades.
There are 2 chests.

Multipurpose store with useful things
This place has absolutely everything, so players will want to come here
Best place to ambush
There are five chests with a variety of items

Drop random loot: anything can be dropped except weapons

Weapon Wrappers
Allows you to decorate your weapon

Self-Engineering Wall
Barefield Protection
Will protect against fire, but is not very strong
Can help against enemies

Can't survive without medication
Help replenish your health.


Micro UZI



Flash Grenade

Police armor (Level 1)

Special Forces Armor (Level 2)

Military Armor (Level 3)

Jump pad
Click on it and you will jump up
Use it with a parachute only
Can be found in the chests of buildings
Use it to escape

Changes in the new version
Changes in the new version
Added a jump pad

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