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Aquaman Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Do you want to become Aquaman in Minecraft? Then use the Aquaman mod. The add-on contains three types of costumes that you will be able to wear: Aquaman, Orm Marius and Black Manta. Each costume gives unique abilities and weapons. The player will get immense power and strength to fight enemies.


5 abilities with animations
Aquaman Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Orm Marius
3 abilities with animations

Black Manta
4 abilities with animations

How does it work?

First you have to get a unit to buy gear.

Put the suit on: then you'll have a shortcut menu with new items. Use a long press on the item POWER MENU to access the abilities.

To activate abilities, you have to pick up the item and use a long press.

Orm Marius.
Effects: Strength, Resistance, Underwater Breath
3 abilities
In a sprint, the player gains speed and increased jump

Trident Throw.
Grab the 2 item in your inventory and use a long press
Crouching will allow you to retrieve the trident

Battle with the trident
Use the trident as a sword

Trident Shield
Block attacks with the shield

Effects: Strength, Resistance, Underwater Breath, Sea Guide Power
5 abilities
In a sprint, the player gains speed and increased jump

Trident throw is similar to Orm Marius

Lightning Trident
Creates lightning

Change the Weather
Calls the storm

Breaking Current

Blocks an attack similar to Marius's Orm Shield

Black Manta
Strength, Resistance, Fire Resistance, Underwater Breath
4 abilities
In a sprint, the player gains speed and increased jump

Swords instead of tridents

Harpoon Pistol

Explosive projectile

Laser Beam

Red stripes glow in the dark

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