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Tomemancy Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Tomemancy Add-on

Do you want to kill Ghast with fireballs and guards with waterballs? Then we recommend the Tomemancy mod for Minecraft. You'll be able to use more than 90 kinds of spells in the block world. Plus, you'll become the perfect hunter with magic traps.

There are 8 categories of magic available:

When spawning, the player receives one random page from one of the categories.

It is also important that the player has a certain level of magic in order to use the spell books. There are 4 levels of magic: Basic, Apprentice, Acolyte, and Advanced. There is a special folio that has no elements. To get this folio, interact with any wizard holding the book.
Tomemancy Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Contains knowledge of the elements and spells. You need to read the pages before you can use the spells. You will then receive the corresponding volumes. Each page opens specific volumes.

Mages created pages and volumes. Mobs are neutral and you can bargain with them. You don't want to piss them off, or you'll get a lot of spells on your head. Mages sell spell books. The green mage sells basic spells, the blue one sells apprentice spells, the purple one sells acolytes, and the red one sells advanced spells.

A player's normal level is also very important. If you have a level of 0-15, you can use basic abilities. You need level 16-30 for apprentice, 31-45 for acolytes, and above 46 for advanced.

You should not die, as you will have to re-learn abilities.

Workbench for crafting spell books
3 pine boards
3 emeralds
1 gold ingot

Blood Magic
Another section of magic, but no books or other things are used here. First you need to create a dagger and interact with the mage who enchants the weapon. You can now use the dagger to cast blood seals.

Look down and use the dagger to damage yourself and create a basic blood seal. Then you have to interact with the seal with items to change it. To learn the seals, you will have to find the corresponding books, which are scattered all over the world.

Blood seals can also be hidden, making them deadly traps. Using ink, you can make any seal completely invisible. To dispel the invisibility, you can use glowing ink. Traps will be displayed on the map with red dots.

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