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McDonalds Add-on 1.18/1.17+

McDonalds Add-on

McDonald's is our everything. Let's not hide the fact that we never mind popping into this fast-food chain for something delicious. Despite the unhealthiness of the food, it's too delicious to avoid McDonald's. That's why we suggest you build your own restaurant in Minecraft. The McDonalds mod, which introduces food, mobs and other things related to Mac, will help.

French Fries
Satiety: 6 units
Eating Speed: 30
McDonalds Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Big Mac
Satiety: 6.3
Eating Speed: 35

Satiety: 6.2 units
Eating Speed: 33

Happy Meal
Satiety: 10 units
Eating Speed: 50

Satiety: 5 units
Eating Speed: 33

Chocolate milkshake
Satiety: 5
Eating Speed: 33

Part of the game of Monopoly
Allows you to buy items from a McDonald's employee

Picture with fries
Sells from the McDonald's Employee

Block of fries
Another decoration

Monopoly Hat
Health: 20 Units
Drop: Part of the game Monopoly
You can multiply

McDonald's Employee
Health: 20 Units
Spawn: Villages
3 levels of trade
Sells items for parts of the game monopoly


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