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Generators Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Generators Add-on

Generators mod is designed for fans of crib battles, skyblocks and other modes. The addition includes ore generators, which will constantly produce materials in unlimited amounts. Generators are available for almost any block that is difficult to mine. They will greatly simplify any survival in the expanse of Minecraft Bedrock.

Diamond Generator
1 diamond per minute
Generators Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Iron generator
1 iron bar per second

Gold generator
1 gold bar in 5 seconds

Emerald generator
1 emerald every 50 seconds

Netherite generator
1 netheritebar every 2 minutes

Other generators
Bedrock: 1 block every 50 seconds
Fire rod: 1 item every 20 seconds
Bone: 1 item every 5 seconds
Horus: 1 item every 10 seconds
Charcoal: 1 charcoal block every 10 seconds
Boulder: 1 block every 5 seconds
Ender Pearl: 1 item every 50 seconds
Haystack: 1 block every 5 seconds
Lapis Lazuli: 1 Lapis Lazuli every 30 seconds
Oak: 1 block every 2 seconds
Quartz: 1 block every 10 seconds
Totem: 1 item every 10 seconds
Hell Spawn: 1 item every 10 seconds
Experience: 1 bottle of experience every 10 seconds

How do I kill a generator?
/kill generator: (kind of generator)

How do I create a generator?
Give the generator a name.
In a command block, type: tp @e[name=(name)] ~ ~(altitude)~(speed)
Set repetition and constant activity

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