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Project Mainland Add-on 1.17+

Project Mainland Add-on

Project Mainland mod is dedicated to the legendary "Jurassic Park" movie. However, there is no park: only dinosaurs of all kinds, which will live in Minecraft. They will not appear naturally: you will have to grow them by obtaining dna and eggs.

You will become a parent for every dinosaur in the game, but it is unlikely that Tyrannosaurs will treat you like a big brother. More likely, they will eat you.


Generated all over the game, just like all types of ore.
DNA can be extracted from amber.

Dinosaur Genome.
Creates from 4 DNA of the same species

Empty Egg
Used to Spawn Mobs
Combine this with the dinosaur genome to get a dinosaur egg.

Then you need to set the egg and wait for the pet to hatch. If not, get the Ankylosaurus spawn egg via the /event entity command @e[r=3] hatch_ankylosaurus.

The cub will quickly grow into a large monster.

Predators will attack with bites, but the Ankylosaurus, for example, will attack with its tail.

Mobs sleep at night and sometimes look for water to quench their thirst.

Many dinosaurs are available, such as Giganotosaurus, Pyroraptor, and Atrocyraptor.

As well as Pteronodons and Mososaurs.

The author has also included an RTX version of the add-on for those who want beautiful detail.

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