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Iron Man Armory Add-on 1.17+

Iron Man Armory Add-on

In the Marvel universe, Tony Stark created 51 variants of the Iron Man suit. Naturally, all of them are now available in Minecraft with the Iron Man Armory mod. The author has designed all versions, from MK 1 to MK 85. Don't even try to figure out the math, not all versions were released as a complete suit - only the firmware was changed.


Stark tech glasses.
On and off to go into suit mode. If you suddenly become invisible, use the glasses a few times: things will automatically adjust.

If you press the sneak button, you'll go into costume selection mode. The sprint or run button will allow you to select the armor you want.

Once you select a suit, another screen with abilities will appear.

This is where you can select abilities. They depend on the type of suit.

Each type of armor has a dressing animation. Some are the same.

You can fly when you activate the Education Edition slider.

If you press sprint while flying, the player will change the animation.

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