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Crafting the Uncraftable Add-on 1.17+

Crafting the Uncraftable Add-on

Most of the most valuable items in Minecraft PE are available only by searching and exploring. They are hidden in the chests of caves, structures and dungeons. Fortunately, there is a mod Crafting the Uncraftable, which also adds crafting recipes. You no longer have to look for the right things in rare places: just collect materials and create the right thing. All of this will be available in survival mode.

Recipe for creating a trident
3 arrows and 2 diamonds

Recipe for dragon egg
8 weeping obsidian and 1 obsidian

Recipe for making an enchanted apple
8 blocks of gold and an apple

Recipe for making chainmail boots
4 chains

Recipe for making leggings
7 chains

Recipe for making a chain mail breastplate
8 chains

Recipe for making chainlock helmet
5 chains

Recipe for making clay

Recipe for making Nether Star
8 quartz slabs and an Nether crystal

Recipe for Creating the End Portal Frame
3 Edge stones, 2 Ender eyes and obsidian

Recipe for creating a saddle
4 skins and a leash

Recipe for Creating Monster Spawner
Bonfire and 8 Iron Ingots

Recipe for making diamond
Melting Charcoal

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