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The Life Update Add-on 1.17+

The Life Update Add-on

The Life Update mod adds many mobs to Minecraft. Some are invented by the author himself, and the rest are taken from the voting mobs on Minecraft Live or other holidays from Mojang. Creatures will appear from this year's vote as well as from past ones.


Caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies
Used for ambiance
Caterpillars eat grass and leaves, trying to climb trees
Caterpillars can be fed grass (not a block) to speed up growth
Blue butterflies glow

Flower Cow
Milk clears effects and imposes absorption
Scissors can be used to cut buttercups and give it to bees to calm them
If you lead the cow with a leash, the bees will fly behind it

Ice Bandit.
Ice Attack, Slows and Spawns ice over his head

Squid Monster
Attacks with sharp tongue.

Not yet available in Survival Mode, and does not appear naturally.
Find ants and anthills in creative mode

Only males and females available
Can only breed females with males
Females attack by sneaking and jumping on the prey
Males only attack from a jump
Albino available but very rare

Big-headed hunter.
Can turn into a trap and devour anything he sees.
After some time after eating it, you'll see the drop of the monster you ate.

Glowing berries appear on the monster's body
The more berries, the higher the illumination of the mob

Alpha Ifrit
Has a spinning shield that protects against ranged attacks.
Drops the Ifrit's Shield

Brass Golem
Appears from pumpkins that have been struck by lightning
Can reverse the rust with a honeycomb or lightning bolt
Push buttons

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