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Missing Add-on 1.17+

Missing Add-on

If you are a big fan of Garry's Mod, you have probably come across disappearing items with unusual, black and purple textures more than once. This is the appearance of things that failed to load or disappeared from the game altogether. Similar textures have been added to Minecraft with the Missing mod. The authors themselves don't know why this was created, but you'll love it.
Missing Add-on 1.17+

As we described above, in Garry's Mod errors occur when the game cannot find the necessary textures.

Textures of missing elements
A similar feature is implemented in the block world. Small and large textures are available.

Large texture "Error".
Three options are available: a standing item, a moving NPC, and a hostile NPC.

Disappearing Item.
Appears when missing item textures are destroyed.

Missing Weapon.
Can be created.

Missing food.
Not worth eating if you have a bad imagination.

Missing Block.
Can only be obtained with the command /give @s hl:missing_object_block.

If you want to make survival more interesting, use this mode in the settings. All things in the game will get the same textures, which means survival will be incredibly difficult.

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