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Redstone + Add-on 1.17+

Redstone + Add-on

Everyone who is into mechanisms would like more variety of functions for redstone blocks in Minecraft PE. That's why the Redstone + mod adds new blocks that you can use when creating farms, mechanisms and other structures made of redstone.

Multicolored Redstone Lamps.
Can be activated by any device except levers, buttons, observers and sensor. Do not use more than 100 on any one world.
Redstone + Add-on 1.17+

Timer Box
10 stages, which can be changed through interaction. If the time runs out, it sends a signal to the repeater.
0 ticks (inactivated)
10 ticks (0.5 seconds)
20 ticks (1 second)
30 ticks (1.5 seconds)
40 ticks (2 seconds)
50 ticks (2.5 seconds)
60 ticks (3 seconds)
70 ticks (3.5 seconds)
80 ticks (4 seconds)
90 ticks (4.5 seconds)
100 ticks (5 seconds)

Sends a signal in a random direction when receiving a signal
Receives signal only from levers, dust, repeater, redstone unit, or redstone torch
Sends signal only to repeaters
Sends signal only once

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