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Golems Add-on 1.17+

Golems Add-on

There is no one better than golems in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They are the best defenders of villages or player's home. The most loyal companions, who can kill any hostile mob or even several at once. Therefore, increasing their number and types in the game will be the most reasonable decision. That's why we offer the Golems mod. The build adds six new types of mobs.

Jungle Golem
Health: 50 units
Damage: 7 units
Abilities: None
Golems Add-on 1.17+

Ice Golem
Health: 50
Damage: 7
Abilities: None
Formed from solid ice

Magma Golem
Health: 50
Damage: 7
Abilities: Immune to fire and lava, swims fast in water, and can glow in the dark

Obsidian Golem
Health: 100
Damage: 7
Skills: Immune to Fire

Sand Golem
Health: 100
Damage: 7
Abilities: None
Sandstone Golem

Red Sandstone Golem
Health: 100
Damage: 7
Skills: None
Red Sandstone Golem

Life Rune
Can be created or found in the world
Will appear in the following structures
Abandoned Mine
Sunken Treasure
Pyramid in the Desert
Jungle Temple
Simple Dungeon
Bonus Chest on the Spawning
Fortress Library
Underwater ruins
Forest mansion

Golem Revitalization
You need to create a normal structure with a pumpkin and put a life rune on the pumpkin
Below is the creation of the jungle golem
When first creating any golem, there may be a delay of up to two seconds

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