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Half-Life Add-on 1.17+

Half-Life Add-on

Half-Life is one of the most popular and best games mankind has ever invented. The mod is dedicated to it and adds creatures from this game to Minecraft. Naturally, headcrabs will be added to the block world, and the player will be able to create a crowbar to destroy them. Everything is exactly the same as in the original game. No more loneliness — the headcrabs will not make you bored.


The most standard parasite species in the Half-Life universe. They prey on their victims and jump on their faces. After that they successfully start controlling their victims.

Short, brown monster with strong claws.
Health: 12
Damage: 4
Effects: Weakness
Half-Life Add-on 1.17+

Quick Headcrab.
Lighter in texture, so can hide in the sands
Slightly faster than the average headcrab.
Health: 12
Damage: 4
Effects: Vomiting

Poisonous Headcrab.
Dark red shade for cloaking in shadows
Health: 12
Damage: 8
Effects: Poison


Represents the result of a human-Headcrab interaction. Though only the body is what's left of the man.

Regular Zombie
Almost identical to normal zombies in the game.
They spawn even in the daytime and do not burn in the sun
Health: 20 units
Damage: 4 damage
Effects: Vomiting

Fast Zombie
Looks like a man without skin.
Significantly faster than other mobs
Health: 16
Damage: 4
Effects: Slow down

Poison Zombie
Literally surrounded by poisonous headcrabs.
Pretty slow, but tough.
Health: 22
Damage: 6
Effects: Poison

Weapon against enemies

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