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Lefted 2 Die Add-on 1.17+

Lefted 2 Die Add-on

Think you can beat anyone in Minecraft? Not sure! Mod Lefted 2 Die will prove you wrong. You'll have to get ready and keep your ears open: a mob of zombies is coming, and you have to be extremely careful. They are already watching you and waiting for your moment to attack.

As you can see from the title, this add-on was inspired by Left 4 Dead 2. The author was even able to install the sounds from the original game.

The gameplay will consist of constant skirmishes with groups of zombies. Naturally, your task is to survive as long as possible.

Normal zombies
Spawn: all over the world
Spawn frequency: the same as normal zombies
5 skins
Health: 10 points
Damage: 3
Similar speed to the player
Burn's in flame
Lefted 2 Die Add-on 1.17+

Zombie Special Forces
Spawn: Worldwide
Spawn Rate: As Normal Zombies
Health: 25
Damage: 3 damage
Similar to normal zombies, but with immunity to repulsion.

Smart Zombies
Spawn: Worldwide
Spawn Frequency: Same as normal zombies
Keep them out of the house.
Health: 20
Damage: 3
Can break blocks: wood, doors, beds, glass, and wool

Spawn: At Night
Spawn Frequency: Rare.
Spews poisonous venom.
Health: 8
Recommended for killing from afar.
Summons a horde of zombies

Spawn: Worldwide
Spawn Rate: Like a Boomer
Can trap and drag the player within 10 blocks with his tongue
Health: 50

Spawn: Around the world
Spawn Rate: Like a Boomer
Similar to smoker, but capturing distance up to 12 blocks
Can go through a one block wide gap
Breaks glass

The most dangerous foe of all.
Two varieties: Regular and Wicked.
Enemy that originally spawns in a normal version, but becomes evil when it takes damage.
Damage: 20
Kills the unarmored player in one hit
Health: 450
Dies quickly from fire
Extremely fast and can jump high, so it's impossible to escape

Spawn: Worldwide
Spawn Frequency: Extremely Rare
Health: 1500
Damage: 12
Runs slightly faster than the player, but can jump and run to speed up
Can't see doors or small spaces
Can't be burned.
Better to run from a mob

Ced's instructions.
Will help you find your way back

Damage: 7
15 rounds available

Sub-machine gun
Damage: 4
30 rounds available

Reloading Weapon

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