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The Constant Add-on 1.14/1.13+

The Constant Add-on 1.14/1.13+

Introducing a new addon that carries a large number of interesting content, the inspiration for which the creator borrowed from one of his favorite games.

The new addon adds new mobs to the game, various biomes, structures, blocks, items and much more.

What is interesting about The Constant add-on?

New biomes:

1. Refrigeration;
2. A new type of swamp biome;
3. Beefalo.

New mobs:

1. Pengulls. Most often attack in a flock;
2. Deerclop, very hostile. Can drop an item that allows you to see in the dark;
3. Bunnymans;
4. The bearded lord, this is the above mob which turns into a bearded lord at night;
5. Man pig;
6. Were pigs, this is the above mob that turns at night into were pigs;
7. Merm;
8. Shadows;
9. Ents;
10. Hound;
11. Tentacles;
12. Eyebone;
13. Chesters;
14. Black cartoon cat;
15. Mobs that look like cows are called Beefalo.

Buildings and locations:

1. An abandoned house;
2. Large chess with clockwork figures of a knight, rook, and bishop;
3. Houses of man pigs, mermes and bannyman;
4. The tower of Babylon;
5. Red birch forest;
6. The statue of Villager;
7. Items such as sticks and silaxes you can find just on the ground.

The Constant Add-on 1.14/1.13+

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