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Enhanced Caves Add-on 1.17+

Enhanced Caves Add-on

Are you looking forward to the full Caves and Cliffs update? Want to embark on a new adventure to explore the caves now? If so, then the new Enhanced Caves add-on is what you need. This add-on adds a new functional generation of caves to the Minecraft world. Thanks to this add-on, players will be able to embark on a new adventure exploring caves that will be very similar to those announced by Mojang in the upcoming full update of Caves and Cliffs.

Thanks to the new pack of behavior, new generations of caves will be added to your Minecraft world.

Enhanced Caves (1)

While traveling the underground caves of the Minecraft world, players can find exposed amethyst geodes.

Enhanced Caves (2)

But do not forget about the danger that lies in wait for you inside the caves, namely creatures and such natural formations as stalactites or stalagmites.

Attention: Please note that in order for the add-on to work correctly, you must activate the Experimental game settings!

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