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DupBooks Add-on 1.17/1.16+

DupBooks Add-on

Have you previously used any add-ons that could duplicate certain minerals in the Minecraft world? If not, then this addon will be very useful to you as it allows players to duplicate useful minerals without using any other means of cheating. Using the new addon, players can add special books to their Minecraft world with which you can duplicate ores. In total, seven different duplicate books will be added to the game. Also one of the features of this addon is that you can even duplicate the ender pearl.

Let's take a look below at what kind of duplicate books players can use in their world.

Types of duplicate books that duplicate the following minerals:

1. Coal;
2. Iron;
3. Gold;
4. Diamond;
5. Emerald;
6. Netherite;
7. And of course the main feature is the Ender Pearl.

Below you can see what these books look like:


How does it work?

Everything is very simple! In order for the player to get one of the books available in the game, you just need to craft it using materials such as a book and the corresponding blocks of material that you want to duplicate. Please note that this does not work for Ender Pearl.


DupBooks (1)

As mentioned above, to craft new duplicate books, you must use four blocks of the same type and one book in the center. When using the book, it will give the player eight items of the resource that you are duplicating and the book.


DupBooks (2)

Attention: The number of times of use is limited to ten, after ten times of use, the duplicate book will no longer work.

After each used time, under the book icon in the inventory, you will see how the green bar will decrease, which means that the number of times of use ends, and at the end it will be impossible to use it.

When the green bar runs out and all ten attempts have been spent, the book will lose its duplicating ability. But this is not a problem as players can recharge the book.

In order for the players to recharge the book, it is necessary to use the previously used book and Redstone blocks! After that, the charge of the book will again recharge up to ten uses.

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