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More Structures Add-on 1.16+

More Structures Add-on

Would you like to change your world? Or would you like to add more interesting structures? If yes, then the new addon will definitely interest you as it adds more than 150 new structures to the Minecraft world. All new structures are randomly generated in each of which players can find interesting chests with random useful loot.

In addition to chests, players can also find spawners, as well as new hostile creatures with which to fight. Please note that all new creatures have different sizes, and the health level depends on their size, in other words, the more mobs the more health points it has. Therefore, having met a large creature, get ready for a serious battle!

As mentioned earlier, five new mythical creatures will be added to the game. Such hostile mobs will be added to the Minecraft world as:

1. Robots;
2. Orcs;
3. Goblins;
4. Cyclops;
5. Fire spirits!

Below you can see examples of structures, we draw your attention to the fact that this is an example of spawning structures, in your world they will spawn differently:

More Structures

Players can use this addon with other addons as it does not use player.json.

Note: Don't forget to activate the experimental settings!

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