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Weapons From Dungeons Add-on 1.16+

Weapons From Dungeons Add-on

Have you played Minecraft Dungeons before? If so, then you probably know about what unique types of weapons are available to players during adventures. Would you like to add the same types of weapons to your Minecraft PE? The new addon allows players to use famous and epic weapons from the famous Minecraft Dungeons series in battles. For those who have not previously played Minecraft Dungeons, this addon will be even more interesting since each weapon has certain unique features. The new addon adds only three types of new weapons so far, but others will be added in the near future. Let's take a look at the new types of weapons that will be available to all players in the Minecraft world.

New Minecraft Dungeons weapon types:

1. The first weapon is called the Whirlwind. This weapon has such a name for a reason since this weapon has a unique ability, namely a powerful whirlwind that it summons when you press the right mouse button. This vortex allows players to knock back their enemies. Also, players can use this ability for other purposes, for example, to pursue their enemies or when falling so that the player does not receive damage. Below you can see screenshots of how this weapon looks in the game and its unique abilities:

Whirlwind (1)

Whirlwind (2)

2. The second type of weapon is the spear of Fortune. This weapon also has a unique ability, namely to invoke straight-line damage on its enemies. In order for players to use their unique abilities, you also need to right-click. When using a unique ability, you will see special crit particles. The peculiarity of particles is that because of them, the blow ignores the block of creatures and deals damage. Also, the weapon gives its wearer acceleration and at the same time recovery. Below you can see what the weapon looks like in the game and video:

Fortune Spear

Fortune Spear (1)

3. And the last third weapon is the Bloodthirster. When using this weapon in battle, players receive the effects of force, at the same time, this weapon also has certain additional properties, namely, when you press the right mouse button, the player will block melee strikes and damage from projectiles. Below you can see what the weapon looks like in the game:

Bloodthirster (1)
Bloodthirster (2)

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