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God of War Add-on 1.16+

God of War Add-on

Have you ever played the game God of War? If you have played this game and are a fan of it then this new addon is what you need. For those who have not played this game, we highly recommend it. This is a third-person action-adventure game based on Greek mythology set in the territory of Ancient Greece. A hack and slash game that focuses on eliminating a large number of enemies with various combo attacks.

In addition, the player will need to solve puzzles, and there are platforming elements in the game. God of War is one of the best-selling games for the PlayStation 2 with 4.6 million copies sold. It has received several awards as Game of the Year and is considered one of the best action-adventure games. In addition to the gameplay, the game was rated for its graphics, soundtrack, and storyline.

The new addon adds to your Minecraft world all the famous characters and weapons from the game God of War from the first to the fourth chapter. Here you can play a role and choose your own adventure storyline. Become a hero who has to defeat all the gods of both Asgard and Olympus!

Explore the Minecraft world in a new way, use new unique weapons, and embark on a new exciting and dangerous adventure. We also draw your attention to the fact that players can play the role of a Spartan, the famous and main character of this game. The new addon also adds the son of a Spartan named Atreus. Let's take a closer look at the features of this addon.

Features of the addon

As mentioned earlier, the new addon adds new types of weapons and characters from the God of War game to the game. You can see the list of new weapons and characters below.

New types of weapons:

1. The first type of weapon is the weapon used by the Spartan, namely the blades linked by a chain, the Blades of Chaos. The Spartan received these blades from the god of war, namely from Ares. Please note that it will be quite difficult to craft this weapon, but it is worth it and is one of the most powerful in the game.

Crafting recipe below:

Blades of Chaos

2. The second weapon is one more blade which is called Blades of exile. This weapon looks very unique and unusual, as well as powerful.

Crafting recipe below:

Blades of Exile

3. The next type of blade is called Blades of destiny. Convenient to use but weaker than the previous ones.

Crafting recipe below:

Blades of Destiny

4. Another unique blade called Judgment. This weapon is quite difficult to craft, but you should definitely try it. Please note that outwardly it is very similar to the original blade from the game God of War. The only difference between the blades is that there is no Themis figurine at the hilt of the blade.

Crafting recipe:

Blade of Judgement

5. The most powerful weapon in the game, the weapon of the God Zeus, the blade with which you can easily kill the gods, is called Olympus.

Crafting recipe:

Blade of Olympus

6. A weapon that can help players fight in the dark is the blade of Artemis. A powerful purple blade.

Crafting recipe below:

Artemis Blade

7. A weapon that players can craft or get after killing Hades, this drop is a weapon called the Claws of Hades.

Crafting recipe:

Claws of Hades

8. What addon could be complete without a trident, especially when it comes to Greek mythology. Here the players will be available, as you might have guessed, Poseidon's trident. A very useful weapon for battles in water and underwater, as with it you can breathe underwater and gives strength.

Crafting recipe:

Trident of Poseidon

9. Unique metal gauntlets with a lion's head on the end called Nemean Cestus. A powerful weapon with an unusual design.

Crafting recipe below:

Nemean Cetus

10. Slow for close range, but very powerful weapon Barbarian Hammer.

Crafting recipe below:

Barbarian Hammer

11. New powerful frost ax called Leviathan Ax.

Crafting recipe:

Levithian Axe

Items that players need to use to craft certain types of weapons:

1. The first is Zeus' lightning bolt. This is a throwing weapon that Zeus uses for battles. This item can be used to blow up your enemy. Players can craft this item or get it by killing Zeus.

Crafting recipe:

Lightning bolt

2. The second is a food item called Respect for Daddy. Use this item so that the son of the Spartan Atreus would follow you during your adventures. This mob will help you in battles with other hostile mobs.

Crafting recipe:

Respect for Daddy

Now let's look at the new mobs, namely the Gods, which will be added to the Minecraft world.


1. The first god and perhaps the most important on Olympus, the Boss named Zeus. A very strong mob. Lightning drops.

God screenshot below:


2. The second god is the brother of Zeus named Hades. This is the god of the underworld. Very strong and drops the Claws of Hades.

God screenshot below:


3. Another brother of Zeus, this is the god of the seas, Poseidon! This god is strong both in water and on land.

God screenshot below:


4. Big and strong Hercules. A muscular and strong demigod.

A screenshot of this mob is below:


5. God named Ares. God screenshot below:


6. The aforementioned son of a Spartan named Atreus. Use Respect Daddy to tame him.

Screenshot of the son of a Spartan:


7. And the last character is Baldur, or as he is also called Baldr (Balder), the son of Odin. This god is the second most powerful boss in the Minecraft world, after Zeus.

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