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The Doraemon Add-on 1.16+

The Doraemon Add-on

Do you know what Doraemon is or who is Doraemon? If yes, then you will be interested in this addon. For those who do not know anything about this, this is a well-known old series in Japanese style, well-known as manga, about a cat that was a robot. The name of this character was Doraemon. This cat moved in time from the XXII century to help a Nobita Nobi that was a schoolboy.

The new addon allows you to add a robot cat named Doraemon to your Minecraft world, which allows players to get new unique scientific items that you can use both for adventures and for exploring the world and battles. Interact with a new character and get the opportunity to use cool and fun items.

To summon the cat Doraemon, use the crafting table and the required materials. Interact with this character and trade using Japanese Dorayaki sweets. Discover eight new unique items with unique properties.

The Doraemon (1)

The Doraemon (2)

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