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Skyblock Island Generator Add-on 1.16+

Skyblock Island Generator Map

Do you have your own personal server or some kind of realm? Or maybe you would like to create something similar but do not know how? The new Skyblock Island Generator addon will easily help you create your own map of Skyblocks. This addon will help those players who would like to create their own Realm in the Skyblock style but have no experience or do not know how to do it. The new addon allows you to use a special island generator that creates specific islands for each player. Using the new addon this process will be simple and fast enough.

This addon allows players to easily activate and use the new island generation system for the Skyblock map. Thanks to one command, players can easily create several islands on your server or Realm for other players.
Attention: We recommend you such types of worlds as flat and void!

Below you can see how the islands are generated:

the islands generate

Temporary creation process:

Skyblock Island Generator (1)

Command block area:

Skyblock Island Generator (2)

Skyblock Island Generator Add-on 1.16+

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