OceanCraft PE Addon

OceanCraft PE Addon

New addon with additional mobs for underwater world, such as whales, crabs, sharks etc. But not all of these ocean habitations will spawn, automatically, for some of them you should use spawn egg or use some commands.

  • Butterfly fish: Not aggressive for player (witch)
  • Lion fish: danger for player, can use poison (zombie)
  • Shark: very aggressive for player, fish. (guardian/ elder guardian)
  • Stone fish: danger for player, can use poison (husk)
  • Octopus: very aggressive for player and fish (skeleton / stray)
  • Jelly fish: can attack fish and player, can use poison (cows)
  • Shrimp: not aggressive (replaces pig)
  • Whale: not dangerous, can attack only fish and shrimps (polar bear)
  • Mantarraya: not dangerous, can attack only fish (evoker)
  • Crab: can attack player and some fish (spider / cave spider)
  • Piranha : very aggressive for player (silverfish)
  • Swordfish: can attack player (zombie pigman)

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