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One Way Glass Add-on 1.16+

One Way Glass Add-on

Do you use glass blocks? If you do, then you will definitely like the new addon because it adds a new unique glass block! The new block is called One Way Glass. Why is it unique and what is special about it? This block is unique in that on one side it is covered, and on the other side it is glass, while the covered side does not block visibility through it, players can easily look through it! This is cool because this is a great opportunity to build some kind of unique house or structure to hide from your enemies. Also, this block can be simply used for decoration.

As mentioned earlier, the new blocks are covered on one side (from the front), on the other side, glass, and transparent (from the back).

Below you can see a screenshot of an example of how a regular glass block looks on the right side, and how a new glass block looks on the left side:

One Way Glass

Yes, this is not a mistake, this is how they look on the one hand, on the other, as it was said earlier, they are transparent. In other words, their properties and purpose are the same, they just look different.

Also, below you can see which blocks can be displayed on the covered side of the new glass block:

One Way Glass (1)

You can see an example of a crafting recipe below:

One Way Glass recipe

As you understand, this is a recipe for crafting a new glass block using oak planks. Please note that players can craft something similar but with a different compatible block.

Attention, we draw your attention that the Experimental game mode must be activated!

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