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Dust!Sans Add-on 1.16+

Dust!Sans Add-on

Do you know or have you heard of such a character as Dast sans? If not, this is a negative and hostile character from the Dusttale universe. A new addon adds this character to your Minecraft world. This is a ruthless killer who killed everyone in order to increase his level. The new addon not only adds this character but also some items from the Dusttale universe. Let's take a look at what will be added to the Minecraft world.

Features of Dast sans

This character has one health point but can deal 999999999 damage to his target. Also, this mob will have the ability to summon gaster blasters, bones, and also throw bones at players.

Below you can see what this character looks like in the Minecraft world:

Dust!Sans (1)

Attack features:

The first thing worth paying attention to is the glaster blasters. The health of this mystical entity is unknown as well as the effects, but it can deal 999999999 damage to its target. This attack is the most dangerous and deadly. Below you can see how this will work.

Gaster Blaster

The next one is Bone Lurker. This is one of the main weapons of the new character. The health of the item is unknown. Damage is as large as possible. When this item hits the player, it affects the effect of slowness.

Bone Lurker

The bone is the last item that is thrown at its target Dast sans. The health of the item is unknown. Gives the player a levitation effect. Can deal 999999999 damage to its target.

Bone Throw

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