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Sky Update Add-on 1.16+

Sky Update Add-on 1.16+

Have you ever thought about the fact that the sky in the Minecraft world is too empty and, let's say, even very boring? If so, then we present you with a new Sky Update addon that adds new mobs, namely different types of birds and creatures that will make the airy part of the Minecraft world more interesting and fascinating. Using this addon, the sky in the game will no longer be empty and boring. The new addon will fill the sky with new birds of prey, which will also be a challenge for many players.

From now on, the sky in Minecraft will be more lively and interesting, sounds have also been added for realism. Let's take a closer look at the new addon and new creatures that will inhabit the sky of the Minecraft world.

The first most interesting and mystical creature is the Ancient Dragon. This flying mob is a new boss. This is a unique mob with a unique appearance. This flying mob is very strong, even such a creature as the Wither is not a rival to it. The Ancient Dragon has 400 health points. In order for this creature to spawn in the Minecraft world, you need to craft a certain item called the Ancient Dragon Fossils. Then just activate this item.

Below you can see what this mob looks like and how it flies:

Ancient Dragon (Boss)
Ancient Dragon (Boss) (1)

How does it work?

First, players need to use the following crafting recipe for the first part of the item:

Ancient Dragon Fossil Activated

After crafting the main part, you need to activate it, for this do the following:

Ancient Dragon Fossil Activated

After you activate this item, you will summon a new Boss.

summon the Ancient Dragon

A feature of this boss is that he shoots purple balls, which in some cases can even break certain blocks, so be careful.

Next, we will look at several different types of eagles.

The next mob is less dangerous and not so scary, this is the Eagle. This mob spawns in biomes such as the Desert or Taiga. They hunt for such mobs as chickens, sheep, rabbits, and turtles.

Below you can see what this mob looks like and how it flies:


Eagles (1)

The second type of eagle is the Snow Eagle. As you already understood, this mob spawns only in snowy biomes. They only hunt for chickens, rabbits, and turtles.

Below you can see what this mob looks like and how it flies:

Snow Eagle

Snow Eagle (1)

And the last one is the Vulture. These mobs will spawn in Deserts and biomes like Mesa. These birds will attack the player, they are hostile, so be careful. The main enemies of vultures are eagles.

Below you can see what this mob looks like and how it flies:

Vulture (1)

The next flying mob is friendly and not dangerous for players, this is the Seagull. These mobs spawn in large groups near the sea or ocean, that is, coastal areas. These birds hunt only for fish. They can dive underwater in order to grab fish.

Below you can see what this mob looks like and how it flies:


Seagull (1)

The last creature in this addon is the Phoenix! This is a mystical and very beautiful creature. In order for you to see a phoenix in the world of Minecraft, you need lightning to hit the eagle. After being struck by lightning, the eagle will turn into a phoenix. Unfortunately, these creatures cannot spawn naturally in the Minecraft world.

The main feature of these beautiful birds is that they emit certain particles when they fly, and they also glow at night.

Be careful, as this bird is hostile towards players.


Phoenix (1)

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