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Camouflage Door Add-on

Camouflage Door Add-on

We present you with an interesting add-on that allows you to hide your doors by disguising them as some other block. All new doors will have new custom textures that players can use to hide their stash or secret room. A fairly large number of doors are available in the game, choose what you need, and create your own secret room. Please note that this add-on does not replace or remove simple existing doors, these are new types of doors that have been added to the Minecraft world.

Below you can see a screenshot of the doors you can use:

Camouflage Door

Players can create new types of doors by crafting in Survival Mode. The crafting process is quite simple, it is the same as for crafting a simple door, for this use a certain type of block with which you want to disguise your door. For example, using dirt you will craft doors that will have a dirt texture or stone in order to craft a door with a stone texture.

Craft Camouflage Door

Craft Camouflage Door (1)

Please note that the crafting process for a door with a plank texture needs to use a slab.

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