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ChunkGame Map

ChunkGame Map

Do you want to get a new game and a new challenge for survival in the Minecraft world? If so, then a new map called ChunkGame is what you need. The new map allows players to develop their survival skills or gain new experience in survival.

The main goal of each player is to survive on just one piece of the chunk. In order for your survival to be successful, you need to keep digging down under you so that you can get to other dimensions. All worlds are placed in one large corridor in the form of a mine with the size of one chunk. It only depends on you how long you will go through all the worlds that are located under one piece of chunk! Find savannah, desert, end or nether, and many other places under one piece of the chunk.

This game guarantees you hours of amazing play! Improve your tools, get useful resources for survival and find rare chests with very useful loot. Play with your friends and show all your skills on one map!

ChunkGame (1)

ChunkGame (2)

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