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Savanna Paradise Resort Map

Savanna Paradise Resort Map

Would you like to be in paradise now? You have this opportunity with the new map Savanna Paradise Resort. As you might have guessed from the name of this map, players can enjoy a pleasant game in a new place in the savannah. This resort theme park is quite large in size, which has a large number of different interesting places, from extreme to calm for walking. This is a great place to have fun or just have a nice time with your friends. In general, this map consists of ten different entertainment areas.

Entertainment areas:

1. Main entrance;
2. Magic lands;
3. Tropical island;
4. Futuristic area;
5. Area of nightmares;
6. Spooky forest;
7. Middle Ages;
8. Sea;
9. Savannah Gardens;
10. Castle!

Savanna Paradise Resort (1)

Savanna Paradise Resort (2)

Savanna Paradise Resort (3)

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