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Minecraft 1.16.0 for Android

Download Minecraft 1.16.0 for Android

We present to your attention a new amazing Minecraft 1.16.0 update on Android. This is a new, and most importantly exciting Mountain update, which adds new mobs and changes our usual mountains making them at the same time more exciting and beautiful. What will you see in the new update? New rocks with steep slopes, snow on the tops of the mountains and a new mob called a mountain goat!

How did players choose a biome for the new update?

Let's start from the very beginning, with exactly how the developers came to create a new update for the mountains. Initially, the developers from the Mojang studio created a survey in their Twitter account in order to choose a new biome for the upcoming update, the choice was between the mesa desert, mountains, and swamp.

Below you can see the image of this message:

Minecraft 1.16.0 for Android

All opinions and ideas of the players were taken into account as the developers were preparing for the upcoming Minecon 2019. After that, we received a lot of information about what to expect from upcoming updates that everyone is looking forward to!

As you saw before, in the first stage of voting, the players voted more for the mountains and the swamp, the Mesa Desert was the first biome to be removed from the vote.

In the second stage, the players should already have chosen one of the two biomes that they liked more. Due to the great activity of the players at the beginning of the voting, it was not clear who would win, as the two biomes went from each other with a small difference in votes. But, nevertheless, at the end of the vote, the Mountains won! This decision was made by the players due to the fact that the mountains were one of the most boring, uninteresting and oldest places in the world of Minecraft.

What awaits us in the new update?

The first thing we noticed from the promotional video in the official Twitter account of Minecraft is that the developers will redo the generation in the new update 1.16.0.

The rocks will be very sharp and steep, and also now look more realistic.

At the top of the mountains will be new snow. Why is new? Because from now on in some places you can fall through this snow.

Thus, this makes this place a little dangerous and at the same time interesting, since we all love danger!

New mob

The new update will add to the game a new mob, namely the Mountain Goat! These are mobs that will live in the mountains and maybe the source of food or any other resources for your survival. But we draw your attention to the fact that killing them will not be so simple, since they move very quickly through the mountains, jumping high and fast.

Which biome will be updated next?

The next biome to be updated in the Minecraft world is the swamp! In the upcoming update, the developers promise us mangroves. It’s like normal, but only the roots of these trees will go deep underground.

To survive and travel through the waters of the swamp, the player will be able to use a new boat with a chest, which can easily craft on land. In the chest, you can stack your loot.

A new mob called a frog. Yes, this is an ordinary frog, it will be absolutely harmless for players, and in general for any living creature. They will live, of course, in the swamp, as in real life. For greater realism, POSSIBLE will be added to the flies that the frogs need as food. We will hope so as it would be cool.

The last in line for updates will be the Mesa Desert. This place will become more dangerous. A bush will be added to the game that will knock the player down. Tumbleweed, this is a new plant that will move around the field as he pleases. New cacti with an updated texture, as well as a new predator that will fly in the sky and from the above look for a target, these are vultures.

Most likely these mobs will attack the players as besides you they will also be interested in your loot.

Follow the article on our website, it will be regularly updated and maybe you will be the FIRST who will experience a new biome. Install the new Mountain update Minecraft 1.16.0 you will succeed only after the official release of the game.

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