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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. Focusing on improvements to the Armadillo and experimental features, as well as addressing 20 bugs.

Experimental Features
Improvements have been made in features. Key points:
- Enhanced Armadillo rolling mechanics.
- Emits vibrations.
- Baby Armadillos don’t move towards their parents.
- Fixed leg flickering.
- Corrected sounds.
- Improved particles in the Trial Spawner.
- Breezes can now jump in water.
- Breezes avoid Trapdoors.
- Removed dimming from Breeze wind projectiles.
- Changed settings for the sound of equipping or removing Wolf Armor.

Version Parity
One change has been made for Bedrock and Java parity. Notably:
- Altered generation of Jungle Ruins.

Bug Fixes
20 bugs have been fixed. Details:
- Pistons no longer teleport nearby players to the start of the Minecraft world.
- The "Fortune" enchantment book doesn't allow mining more items from drops.
- Fixed exiting vehicles when on a fiery block.
- Boats no longer disappear when placed near a player's feet or next to another Boat.
- Flying players only slow down when touching the ground during downward movement.
- Corrected game exit during dimension change.
- Double jumping while flying doesn’t raise the player a short distance.
- Fixed font boundary issues.
- Villagers seek a new Bed if the old one is occupied.
- Pufferfish don't inflate or deflate at a certain distance from the player.
- Horse or wolf armor doesn’t duplicate upon the animal's death.
- Corrected Pillager spawn at Pillager Outposts.
- Realms no longer freeze in the menu.
- Fixed crashes when viewing the Realms list.
- Villager models match their professions.

Technical Changes
24 technical modifications have been added for addon development and testing.

Minecraft for Android

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