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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In this update, they enhanced the Mace, added new tunes and Paintings, and made 52 changes.

Changed the tool's characteristics. Features:
Attacks no longer create dirt particles when the target is in the air
Increased durability from 250 to 500
Reduced damage of normal attacks by 5
Reduced the enhancement from the "Density" enchantment by 0.5 per level and block
Reduced damage from Crushing attack
First 3 blocks during a fall deal 4 damage per block
Next 5 blocks deal 2 damage per block
Remaining blocks deal 1 damage
"Density", "Breach", "Retribution", and "Bane of Arthropods" do not work together

52 changes have been made. Highlights:
Added 3 Music Discs
Aaron Cherof - Precipice — occasionally found in Vaults
Lena Raine - Creator — obtainable in Ominous Vaults
Lena Raine - Creator (Music Box) — occasionally found in Patterned Vases in Trial Chambers
Added 9 new background music tracks:
deeper, eld_unknown, endless, featherfall, komorebi, pokopoko, puzzlebox, watcher, yakusoku
Added 15 new Paintings
Enabled enhanced user profile view feature
Added an empty state for air bubbles and swaying during drowning
Air bubbles make popping sounds when depleted
Copper doors and hatches are now crafted from Copper Ingots instead of Copper Blocks
Other types of Copper Blocks cannot be crafted
Added interruption of hints during various actions
Changed the base timing for the appearance of hints
Added a new background for Minecraft 1.21
Improved fire navigation by Breezes
Ominous and regular Trial Spawners
Creates an Ominous Trial Key instead of a regular one
Mobs with armor do not drop armors after death
Mobs always spawn with enchanted equipment
Mobs unable to wear equipment will appear in double the number
Experience potions do not drop from above
Does not spawn Potions and projectiles when no players are present in survival mode
Blocks are regulated by the doMobSpawn rule
Balanced drops according to Java
Projectiles do not spawn in full blocks
Trial Chambers
Reduced drop options for Patterned Vases
Changed the chance of Music Disc drops
Removed the TNT trap
Improved corridor generation
Added empty Chests at entrances

Bug Fixes
Fixed 20 bugs. Major fixes:
Air bar disappears when switching to Creative mode
Fixed particles from Crafters when destroyed
Tuff Blocks
Now have their own sounds
Are displayed on Maps
Have the same breaking time
Wind Charge and Trident do not damage a sitting Ender Dragon
"Wind Surge" enchantment cannot be obtained when trading with Villagers
Shooting sounds of Wind Charge by players are not regulated by hostile mob sound settings
Exiting water using Wind Charge correctly reduces fall damage
"Achievement Outcast" can be achieved again
Fixed names of effects for Potions and Arrows
Mobs under the "Infestation" effect no longer spawn Sculk Spreaders when blocked by a Shield
Shambler responds to provocations from other mobs
Fall damage is correctly applied to the character when tossed by a Breeze
Fixed character appearance in Wardrobe

Technical Changes
Added 36 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft for Android

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