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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update made 11 changes and 27 fixes. Touch controls have become even better.

Touch Controls have been updated
Added 7 touch control improvements
Added the ability to change the touch control display in Touch
Auto jump helps you jump out of the water near the shore
In creative mode, slowed down the game's reaction to breaking the first block
Added support for dragging things with touch gestures in inventory
Improved the ability to separate stacks in inventory
Double click on the release button disables flight mode
Changed the location of status effects

Version Match
Players in Spectator Mode do not reset experience spheres when they die
Players in spectator mode do not lose a level when they die in Minecraft
When killing a player with an item with a different name, chat will display the name of the item
Grass in different biomes displays the correct color

Fixed bugs
Mobs will not spawn in the Ancient City
NPC names are only shown when glancing at them
Falling blocks do not break when landing on two slabs in the same block
You can use the keyboard to run diagonally
Red dust chains give the right signal
Sticky pistons work correctly all over the world
Player names are displayed correctly and are not out of bounds
Water textures of swamped blocks don't look bright when placed under other blocks
Fixed problems with screen positioning on Android devices
Villager-child takes flowers from Iron Golems
Guardians don't float in the air
Tame mobs correctly follow the player through an End Portal
Snow variants of Villagers will appear in the Mountain Grove biome
Text is properly voiced when the player dies
Fixed the operation of achievements in billet worlds
Boats do not disappear when pushed through the End Portal

Technical Changes
Added 14 technical changes for addon development and testing. Important points:
Improved teleportation with commands
Added the ability to replace blocks in the /loot command
Added commands "/execute rotated" and "/execute rotated as"

Minecraft PE for Android

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