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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

We present to your attention a new version of the update, which differs from many previous ones that were previously presented by the developers of Mojang. The new test version is called Minecraft PE But what makes this update different from the others that Mojang released every week every Thursday? The fact is that this update Mojang was released not for users of Android devices and Android operating systems, but for users of Xbox One and Windows 10.

The fact is that Mojang faced a problem of submission due to which sending the beta version of the update became unavailable this week for users of Android devices. But do not be upset, because very soon this problem will be solved and users of the Android operating system will also be able to receive a new update! Please note that multiplayer with the previous beta version of Minecraft is still compatible with the current version of the game.

In the new update Minecraft PE, players will expect new bug fixes and changes related to the technical aspect of the game. Let's take a closer look at the features of the new version of the Minecraft game in more detail below.

Features of the update for Minecraft PE

As mentioned earlier, this time, or rather this week, the developers of the Mojang studio have released a new update for Minecraft PE not for users of Android devices, but for users of Xbox One and Windows 10. And although the new update is not available for Android, it is still compatible with the previous beta version of Minecraft

ATTENTION: On Tuesday, June 8th, Mojang announced a release for Android users! There will be no problems with Android devices!

In the new update, more than twenty new bugs were fixed, as well as some changes were made to the technical aspects of the game.

But before we look at all the changes with you, you should pay attention to the fact that two types of Azalea have been added to the game, namely potted azalea and flowering azalea!


Bug fixes

In total, 28 different bugs were fixed that affected the gameplay and the game in general. Below you will see a list of the most significant fixes in our opinion:

1. A bug that occurred when a block was destroyed was fixed. Most often, this caused the game to crash;
2. The generation of diamond ore has been fixed;
3. Glowing lichen will now only drop when using scissors;
4. Now players can indicate when using commands such a block as Frozen Ice;
5. Now the text on the glowing plates has an outline, just like in the Java version of the Minecraft game;
6. A bug with glow ink sac has been fixed;
7. The player can no longer paint the text on the plates in Adventure Mode;
8. Now the underwater fog will again depend on the biome where it is generated;
9. Villagers will now always collect pumpkin, regardless of direction;
10. Now goats can ram players on blocks of slime and honey;
11. Reduced damage from the fall of the mountain goat is now on par with the Java version of the Minecraft game;
12. Stray no longer drops Wither Skeleton Skull if it was killed by a Charged Creeper;
13. Loot from Bastion is now on par with the Java version of the Minecraft game;
14. A bug due to which the player could float in the air has been fixed.

Technical changes

As mentioned earlier, in addition to bug fixes in the game, changes were also made that relate to the technical aspect of the Minecraft game. In total, the developers of the studio Mojang have made nine new changes. Basically, all these changes are related to the development of add-ons and testing the game, so you can learn more about this from the official source.

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