Christian Shaders

Christian Shaders

Amazing collection of shaders with one but big feature which was combined in Minecraft PACK, it is Christian shaders! It is very rare situation when pixel textures can be combined with others shaders, especially for MCBE. These shaders are perfect variant and it is that exceptional case when, when you can use it.

In other words, if you have updated version of Minecraft PE, pixel textures, such as BlockPixel with new shaders, will be very handy for you.
New shaders can add into your world more lively and realism elements of nature, at the same time saving the cubicity.

From now, you will see a pretty big difference, for example you can see detailed and beautiful rays of sun, liquid water more similar to the real, and other objects as creatures, trees etc., also, you can see more realistic shadows of objects.

Christian Shaders

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