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New Iron Golem Animations Texture Pack

New Iron Golem Animations Texture Pack

Have you noticed how the Iron Golems move? Would you like to change the way they walk a little? How? It's very simple, you can use the new texture pack to animate the movement of the iron golem. This texture pack improves the textures of the golem when it is not moving, as well as during movement so that they look more detailed. It looks much more interesting and realistic than other possible additions.

We also draw your attention to the fact that players can use other textures that affect the Iron Golem as it has compatibility with other add-ons, BUT it is important to know that texture packs that change the golem model itself will not be compatible with these textures since these textures were created exclusively for original golem type.

Below you can see what the animation of the movement of the Iron Golem looks like in the game:

The screenshot shows which parts of the Golem's body can now have certain curves for more detailed movements:

New Iron Golem Animations (2)

New Iron Golem Animations Texture Pack

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