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Technoblade Overlay Texture Pack

Technoblade Overlay Texture Pack

Do you know who Technoblade is? We think if you are a big fan of the Minecraft world you know this player. For those who still do not know who he is, this is the popular Minecraft YouTuber, best known for his PVP skills in Minecraft. Now players can fight him in their Minecraft world using a new pack of resources. The new resource pack allows players to meet Technoblade in the guise of Piglin's pig.

Below you can see a screenshot of how it looks in the Minecraft world:

Technoblade Overlay (1)
Technoblade Overlay (2)
Technoblade Overlay (3)

Now, in your Minecraft world, players can meet such a hostile mob as Technoblade, whose skin was transferred thanks to a new texture pack and replaced the textures of the existing Piglin. All the features of his outfit correspond to the original of the king.

We also draw your attention to the fact that in the Nether world, all Piglins also have the appearance of Technoblade.

Technoblade Overlay (4)

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