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PureBangla Texture Pack

PureBangla Texture Pack

A new texture pack created by a large development team from Bangladesh. This texture pack adds new textures to the world of Minecraft. New textures for blocks, objects, and new items. Two texture resolutions x32 and x64 are available! Let's look at some new textures below.

In the game are available:

1. All colors of concrete

2. A new type of brick

3. New grass and dirt textures

4. New cactus

5. Oak doors

6. Lilies

7. Stone brick

8. More than 10 colors of wool

9. Different types of logs

10. Planks of different colors

11. Quartz block for the floor

12. Tulips and other flowers

13. New terracotta

14. Haystacks

15. Smooth granite and andesite

16. A new shade of sand

Added new items such as potato, carrot, and egg, see below

PureBangla Texture Pack


Minimum device requirements: Recommended + 30FPS / Processor 1Ghz / RAM 1GB / GPU Mali-400!

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