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Better Wandering Trader Add-on 1.14/1.13+

Better Wandering Trader Add-on 1.14/1.13+

A very useful addon that changes the usual Wandering Trader. Now, every wandering trader can give you the opportunity to get something really useful, namely, make very good deals.

All previous deals in the game have been changed to more profitable ones. This is a very useful feature that will help you during your survival. A large number of resources, very useful and rare items and equipment.

What can an improved Wandering Trader propose to you:

-Emerald 10= 64 Coal;
-Emerald 6= 6 Slime Ball;
-Emerald 4= 1 Blaze Rod;
-Emerald 16= 1 Trident;
-Emerald 12= 1 Diamond;
-Emerald 16= 1 Anvil;
-Emerald 4= 32 Quartz;
-Emerald 8= 1 Saddle;
-Emerald 16= 1 Heart of the Sea;
-Emerald 4= 1 Hopper;
-Emerald 30= 1 Enchanted Golden Apple;
-Emerald 64= 1 Wither Skeleton Skull;
-Emerald 3= 1 Bucket;
-Emerald 20= 64 Iron Ingot;
-Emerald 1= 6 Blue Ice;
-Emerald 1= 2 Gunpowder;
-Emerald 32= 1 Totem of Undying;
-Emerald 24= 64 Gold Ingot;
-Emerald 14= 1 Nametag;
-Emerald 5= 1 Ender Pearl;
-Emerald 2= 64 Stone;
-Emerald 16= 64 Oak Log;
-Emerald 20= 1 Diamond Horse Armor;
-Dirt 1= 1 Grass;
-Diamond 1= 12 Emerald.

Below in the image you can see an example:

Better Wandering Trader Add-on 1.14/1.13+

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