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Dragon Mounts Addon Beta

Dragon Mounts Addon Beta

This addon will add to your world, fantastic creatures, such as dragons! This addon gives player opportunity to tame this creature, to fly on it or dragon can help you to kill your enemies. It is pretty big and very strong creatures, which is will be very useful for player after he tame him.

How it works?

Here you may see different types of dragons, each of them drop the Dragon ingots, such as ender, fire, ice, forest or water, depend on the type of the creature. Player can use ingot in order to fertilize dragon egg. If you want to get egg of this creature, visit a Dragon Keeper, it is the new type of villager, which is located in village.

For fertilizing of egg you need some time, it can take about 8 minutes. In about six minutes you will see how egg is cracking.

Dragon Mounts Addon Beta

Types of dragons (amount of health)

1 Type
  • Wild — ten
  • Tamed — twenty

2 Type
  • Wild — twenty
  • Tamed — fifty
  • While its wild, melee attack

3 Type
  • Wild — forty-five
  • Tamed — eighty
  • Player can fly on it
  • Big range for attack, melee attack

How to take care of this creature?

In order to tame, use cooked/raw meat, the same if you just want to feed him.

After it was fed, the sign that you tamed it, is when some little hearts will appear above his head.

As it was mentioned before, there is 3 types of dragons, each type has his special abilities.

3 Type, it is maximum and only this type of this creature, player can use in order to fly on it. The same for protection of dangerous mobs.

When your dragon see enemy mobs, he will attack them in a second by melee attack or with help of his amazing ability of spewing flame.

Dragon Mounts Addon Beta

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