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TNT++ Add-on

TNT++ Add-on

This addon is turns the most mobs in different types of TNT. In order to get them, player should play in survive mode and trade with special villager. Also, this addon changed items which you could throw or ranged item, into explosive.

How it works?

In order to buy all explosives you should visit demo man, it is type of villager which is cooperated with player by trading, as simple villager.

TNT++ Add-on

Here is a list of all available explosive items:
  • TNTx8-24
  • hydrogen-350
  • atomic-200
  • TNTx2-6
  • nuke-500
  • TNTx4-12
  • grenade-5
  • missile-8
  • TNTx100-100
  • singularity-1000
  • napalm-20
  • Absolutely all dyes was changed on new.
  • Micro mag - Light-Blue
  • M117 - silver
  • sensor mine -orange
  • C4 -blue
  • time bomb -red
  • pipe bomb -purple
  • sticky bomb -undyed
  • ANFO pack -yellow
  • twin pipe -gray
  • dynamite pack -black
  • firecrackers -white
  • and others.

Each type of explosives causes various damage and sizes of craters, as result of explosion.

In order to ignite explosive, you should use Flint and Steel. It can take some time until it will explode. It gives you opportunity to leave that place where you plane to explode something.

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
TNT++ Add-on

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