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Cloak of Invisibility Addon

Cloak of Invisibility Addon

Have you ever dream about such a magic thing as cloak of invisibility, I think yes! This item, gives you opportunity to be invisible after you wear it. When you will use it, nobody will see you, except your name tag. This thing will be indispensable in games with small amount of players, on the small server. Also, in order to become absolutely invisible, use this add-on in desired add-on pack.

Description of cloak:

  • Player can dye it in other color.
  • There is no time limit in use.
  • You can wear it or just hold in your hand.
  • There is no concrete required version of game (MCPE 1.6/ MCPE 1.7).

Minuses of use:

You can hide only your character, but not the object in slots or in your hand.

Not working for mob.

Name tag will be visible, you can use very useful add-on, such as Nametag hide!

Cloak of Invisibility Addon

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
Cloak of Invisibility Addon

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