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MineCamera Addon

MineCamera Addon

Very useful thing which gives you one-hundred percent of security, it is MineCamera. This mod gives you opportunity to use CCTV (video surveillance) in any place, after that you will be able to watch what is surrounding you. It is very useful for your own house.

How it works?:

Video surveillance cameras is works in very realistic way: you can place cameras and after that, remotely of them, watch what is surrounding you or who. For now this mod hasn t its own cameras as items, for using it, you should use some commands.

List of commands:
  • /camera remove all
  • /camera list
  • /camera switch [id]
  • /camera back — in case if you want to turn off it.
  • /camera create — you should stand where you want to place a camera, also you should choose a direction of where it should be turned.
  • /camera remove [id]

MineCamera Addon

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
MineCamera Addon

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