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Paraglider Remake Add-on 1.20+

Paraglider Remake Add-on

The Paraglider Remake mod introduces a new mode of travel in the endless universe of Minecraft. Now, you can use a Paraglider, similar to Elytra but with enhanced comfort and the ability to glide through the air.

- The Paraglider has its own green durability bar, which can be enhanced with items. You can also choose from different colors.
Paraglider Remake Add-on 1.20+

- Diamond Variant
- Offers a premium gliding experience.

Remember to keep an eye on durability during flight; it decreases while in the air. If the durability runs out, the player will fall to the ground. Touching the ground will replenish durability.

- Standard durability lasts for 30 seconds.

- The enhanced version allows for a minute of flight or a quick horizontal dash. Switch between the two modes using the jump action.

- Stone Statue
- Used for changing the Paraglider.

- A variety of shades are available for selection.

Decorated transportation is simple: place the item on the Stone Statue and add dye. To remove the Paraglider, crouch and interact.

- You can adorn the Paraglider with glowing particles that light up the space around you.

- Paraglider

- Stone Statue

- Durability Enhancement
- Improve the longevity of your Paraglider.

Changes in the new version

Added designs
Fixed bugs

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