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Armadillo, Crab & Penguin | MobVote 2023 Add-on 1.20+

Armadillo, Crab & Penguin

The mob voting ended with the Armadillo winning. However, you can add all three mobs to Minecraft Bedrock with the Armadillo, Crab & Penguin | MobVote 2023 mod. The author not only added the creatures but also various items and allowed the mobs to spawn naturally.

Rolls into a ball when threatened
Health: 20
Spawn: plains, forests, savannas
Drops a Scale upon death
Wolf Armor can be crafted from Scales
Wolf Armor gives 5 defense and 10 health to a Wolf
Armadillo, Crab & Penguin | MobVote 2023 Add-on 1.20+

2 variants, usually live in colonies
Health: 10
Damage: 3
Spawn: beaches and swamps
Starts dancing when given Seaweed
Drops a Claw and occasionally a Crab Hat upon death
Claw deals 6 damage

Attacks fish
Health: 10
Damage: 3
Spawn: beaches, seas, snowy biomes
When bred with Fish, they lay eggs
Egg hatches in 50-70 seconds.

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