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Improvised Guns Add-on 1.20+

Improvised Guns Add-on

In Minecraft PE, mods are often created with various firearms that don't fit the game's blocky style. Therefore, the creator of the Improvised Guns mod developed unique weapons that perfectly blend with the cubic universe. The developer fine-tuned the balance of each item so that the damage isn't excessively high.

Hand Cannon
Improvised Guns Add-on 1.20+



Double-Barreled Shotgun

Hand Mortar

All mod items

Shots from different weapons

Gunsmithing Workbench
Here you can purchase all types of weapons.

Shadow Weapon
You can enchant weapons: to do this, combine the item with a Nether Star.
The item will receive various enhancements.

In behavior settings, you can switch to an older and more powerful mode, then the damage from weapons will be higher. Also, in texture settings, you can improve the mod's performance.

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