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Epic Paladins Add-on 1.20

Epic Paladins Add-on

The Epic Paladins mod brings a host of new elements to Minecraft, including a vast array of weapons, armor, tools, ores, and even a primary boss that you'll need to defeat. With these new materials and gear, you'll become stronger and able to vanquish any foe.

- Includes 10 complete sets
- Each set provides specific effects and defense
Epic Paladins Add-on 1.20

Weapons and Tools
- You can create a sword, ax, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe from each type of ore

Unique Weaponry
- Powerful weapons with high damage and durability

- These appear all over the world

- The boss
- Health: 850
- Damage: 48
- Flies
- Spawned using the Archlight Crown on the Pedestal

Changes in the new version
Compatibility with 1.20.50

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